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The Regal Thai Brand

Inspiration From The Past Creating Convenience Today

With the demand for Thai food products growing throughout the world, the Regal Thai brand was borne. Regal Thai aims to fill the need for delicious high-quality food products that combine impeccable quality and taste, value for money and convenience in keeping with today’s modern families with busy lifestyles.

Today, over 100 products carry the Regal Thai name with further introductions to the range being introduced on a regular basis. At the very heart of the Regal Thai product range are famous Thai curries, soups, noodle dishes and a myriad of mouth-watering Thai dipping sauces.

Our Markets

Since the company’s origin, the management has continued to develop markets and opportunities across the globe for its evolving range of food products and services.

By working closely with its local and international supply chain and shipping partners, Regal Thai is able to service clients on every continent with authentically-delicious Thai food products.

Quality Assurance

At the very heart of the growing global demand for Regal Thai food products is how we capture the very essence of authentic Thai cuisine and provide consistent quality time after time. Our Regal Thai Chefs seek out the very best ingredients across the country in which to prepare their recipes. Impeccable quality control at the beginning of the process helps to ensure that the wonderful flavours and aromas of Regal Thai food products are captured in a bottle and are ready to enjoy – wherever in the world you are.

The key to this consistency is our internal QC programme that uses only the highest quality ingredients - produced using internationally recognized food preparation guidelines and standards at modern facilities that employ the latest food processing technology.

Legendary Thai Food