Rice Noodles & Vermicelli

Regal Thai Rice VermicelliNoodle dishes are classic as far as Thai cuisine is concerned and the variety of noodle dishes in Thailand is truly remarkable.

Yearning for a wonderful Pad Thai, refreshing clear vermicelli soup or a hearty Pad See Yew?

Whether you want rice, wheat or bean-based noodles for that perfect stir-fry or a delicious soup, Regal Thai has dozens of varieties made from the best ingredients available to ensure the authentic taste, texture and nutritional values are delivered from store to table every time.

Regal Thai Rice NoodleRice Noodle

  • Packs: 12 × 454g Bags
  • Load per 40' HQ: 1,100 cartons

Regal Thai Rice VermicelliRice vermicelli

  • Packs: 12 × 400g Bags
  • Load per 40' HQ: 1,100 cartons

Regal Thai Noodle Product Brochure For further details about our noodle products, please download the Regal Thai Noodle Products brochure.

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